Letters to the Editor

January 27, 2015

Serious problems need smarter solutions

It is disappointing to see the Sammamish City Council and police chief advocating “policing for profit” as a primary option to address underage drinking and parking violation issues.

Judging from a proposed 350 percent-plus increase in parking fines, you’d think this must be a rampant problem, yet there was hardly any mention of it over the years in council deliberations or the Sammamish Review up until this month.

Similarly, charging $250 to $1,000 to parents or “hosts” for youthful indiscretion of underage drinking even without permission, knowledge or awareness of a home owner, seems heavy-handed and economically abusive, especially for citizens who might not be as rich as council members and the police chief. Read more

Editorial — Things to consider during city retreat

January 20, 2015

As the Sammamish City Council heads off for its retreat at Suncadia Resort this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we have a few items we would like to make sure they have on their agenda and a few suggestions of items we’d like to add to the discussions they may not have considered.

Tree preservation plus reforestation is an important issue we know the council is considering and it’s important the council get the new ordinance created soon.

The community group Citizens for Sammamish has proposed the council grant residents the right to referendum and initiative petitions. About 85 percent of King County cities already have this right. The council hasn’t spent too much time discussing this so far and the retreat presents the perfect opportunity to consider it. Read more

Letters to the Editor

January 20, 2015

Parking ticket increase will hopefully bring better behavior

I was very happy to read that the City Council is finally prepared to address residential parking problems with a meaningful ticket increase from $20 to $71.

Careless parking is all too frequent in Sammamish, from extending into driveways, blocking mailboxes, parking on the wrong side of the street or parking too close to intersections. On certain streets in my neighborhood, sidewalk parking is the norm day in and day out. Read more

Council holds retreat outside city

January 20, 2015

The Sammamish City Council will once again hold its annual retreat at the Suncadia Lodge near Cle Elum.

The retreat is scheduled for the evening of Jan. 22 through the afternoon of Jan. 24.

The council has held its retreat there for 10 years, Mayor Tom Vance said. The idea, he said, is to get legislators as well department heads away from cell phones and other distractions and allow everyone involved to concentrate on the issues at hand, namely those of the city government of Sammamish.

“This provides us the opportunity… to have a real discussion,” Vance said. Read more

Underage drinking could result in fines for party ‘hosts’

January 13, 2015

If the City Council moves forward with a proposed new ordinance, Sammamish would be only the second King County city in which police could fine the “host” of any gathering at which liquor is served to those under the legal drinking age.

The ordinance, proposed in September by Police Chief Nate Elledge, received its first reading before the council Jan. 6.

As the ordinance is written, violations would result in a $250 fine. That seems likely to change, as council members almost unanimously voiced the opinion that dollar figure was too low.

Read more

Hazardous parking could be hazardous to violators’ wallets

January 13, 2015

Certain parking fines will jump from $20 to $71 per violation, if the Sammamish City Council follows the advice of city Police Chief Nate Elledge.

Local police wrote 139 parking tickets in 2013, Elledge told the council at its regular meeting Jan. 4.

Among those violations, 50 percent created some sort of hazard to drivers, pedestrians or others, Elledge said.

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Editorial — Kudos for tackling underage drinking

January 13, 2015

People across the country have been talking for years about underage drinking — how it’s bad and why, and saying that something should be done about it.

Now the Sammamish City Council actually might do something about it.

It would be the second city in King County to take on the subject, and only a few other cities in the state have done so.

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After controversy, Kathleen Huckabay remains deputy mayor

January 13, 2015

After a bit of debate that might not be quite over, the Sammamish City Council voted 5-1, with one abstention, to re-elect Councilwoman Kathleen Huckabay as the city’s deputy mayor.

Councilwoman Nancy Whitten sat out the vote because of a disagreement over the way in which it was handled. She argued the procedure did not give council members the opportunity to vote for the person they supported.

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City’s first murder among most notable 2014 news

December 31, 2014

The city’s first homicide might have been the biggest story of the year about to end, but there were several issues that got the attention of residents and city leaders as well.

Tree preservation became a hot topic and the ongoing construction of the East Lake Sammamish Trail continued to be a big source of contention for many residents living near the trail.

In no particular order, here are our choices for the 10 biggest local news stories of 2014.

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Editorial — Time to set goals, resolutions for 2015

December 31, 2014

It’s the time of year when people make resolutions, to decide to do better, be better.

We at Sammamish Review have decided to make some resolutions on behalf of the city and its residents. We hope you will adopt them and keep them.

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