Sammamish redder than King County

December 13, 2012

New: Dec. 13, 11:15 a.m.

While often supporting Democrats, Sammamish once again leaned more Republican than the rest of King County during the November election, in many cases proving redder than the rest of King County and Washington State.

Despite a thorough drubbing in King County and a loss statewide, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna garnered solid support in Sammamish, taking 55 percent of the votes. That’s a marked difference from the rest of the county, which went for Jay Inslee by a 62.2 to 37.6 margin. Inslee won statewide, taking 51.5 percent of the vote.

Areas in orange opposed the community center, and areas in blue supported the community center. Map by Dona Mokin/Sammamish Review

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Community center, other election results, finalized

December 2, 2012

New: Dec. 2, 2:16 p.m.

Sammamish’s proposed YMCA-run community and aquatic center widened its lead since election night, according to certified election results released by King County Nov. 27.

Sammamish Proposition 1, an advisory vote on a proposed $30 million, 60,000 square foot facility behind the library, passed by a 53.65 to 46.35 margin, with 1,729 votes separating supporters and opponents. Initial results showed the vote at a much closer 51 to 49 margin. Read more

Students follow statewide trends in mock election

November 26, 2012

New: Nov. 26, 1:30 p.m.

Students statewide and in the Issaquah School District chose the same candidates as grown-up voters — Barack Obama for president and Jay Inslee for governor.

The exercise included 38,848 students statewide. In Sammamish, 581 students cast ballots including classes at Cascade Ridge Elementary, Endeavour Elementary and Pine Lake Middle and Skyline High schools in the Issaquah School District and Samantha Smith elementary, Inglewood Junior High and Eastlake High schools in the Lake Washington School District and some homeschooled children. Read more

Sammamish couple hails same-sex marriage milestone

November 14, 2012

Washington voters’ groundbreaking decision to approve same-sex marriage elicited a simple — but heartfelt — response from a Sammamish couple: thank you.

Referendum 74, buoyed by strong support in King County, authorized same-sex marriage in Washington. Dana and Sage Alixander, longtime partners married in California before Proposition 8 outlawed same-sex marriage, hailed the historic decision in Washington. Read more

Congressman Dave Reichert cruises to reelection win

November 14, 2012

Dave Reichert is poised to return to Washington, D.C., to represent Sammamish and the 8th Congressional District.

Reichert, a former King County sheriff and Auburn Republican, faced Issaquah Democrat Karen Porterfield, a nonprofit professional and adjunct instructor at Seattle University. Read more

Incumbents win in legislative races

November 14, 2012

In the first race after redistricting earlier in the year, most Sammamish voters saw new names on their ballots.

The southern half of the city is now in the 41st District, while the northern half is in the 45th.

But the batch of new-to-Sammamish lawmakers all won re-election Nov. 6, with generally large margins of victory. Read more

Community center passes, City Council to forge ahead

November 9, 2012

New: Nov. 9, 1:42 p.m.

It wasn’t the resounding vote of confidence many leaders expected and hoped for, but Sammamish voters appear to have given their blessing to the city’s plans for a community and aquatic center.

As of Nov. 8 the center was leading by a 52.3-47.7 margin in the non-binding vote, with 828 votes out of 17,808 separating supporters and opponents. Read more

Community Center maintains slim lead in second day of election results

November 7, 2012

New: Nov. 6, 8:32 p.m.

President, schmesident. How did Sammamish vote on the community center advisory question?

On the second day of results, the center held its narrow 51-49 approval. As of Wednesday evening, 7,522 ballots had indicated support for the project compared to 7,163 against.

The vote is meant to give City Council members a reading on a proposal for the city to spend about $25 million to construct a community and aquatic center, which would be operated by the YMCA.
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Our endorsements for 45th District representatives

October 24, 2012

45th Legislative District

State House of Representatives, Position 1 — Roger Goodman

Roger Goodman has solid, specific ideas for how to move the state forward. While he sometimes focuses on peripheral issues, in doing so he’s built relationships with members of the other party. In the coming term, he needs to focus more on jobs and the economy and less on marijuana and drunk driving, but he’s up to the task.


State House of Representatives, Position 2 — Larry Springer

Larry Springer has demonstrated a willingness to work with his counterparts across the aisle, a needed rarity in these hyper-partisan times. He’s a member of a group of centrist (some call them conservative) Democrats, who work to find sensible solutions to intractable problems. Springer is becoming an elder statesman in the Legislative delegation from the Eastside. His seniority allows him to give voters in the district an important, intelligent voice in statewide issues.

Is the Sammamish Community Center worth it?

October 24, 2012

Both side make their arguments on community center vote

Sammamish voters have major decisions on their Nov. 6 ballots, with presidential, gubernatorial and legislative races all at stake. But no ballot measure is likely hit as close to home as Proposition 1, which asks Sammamish residents to weigh in on one of the biggest capital projects in the young city’s history – a proposed $30 million YMCA-run community and aquatic center behind the library. Read more

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