Eastlake drama brings 1-act comedies to the plateau

November 14, 2012

Theater fans can get two for the price of one this week when the Eastlake High School Drama team presents two one-act comedies, “This Is a Test” and “Making Nice.”

Doubling up on the number of fall productions makes sense as the size of the club has more than doubled. When director Rachelle Horner took over the Eastlake drama club four years ago she had about 10 students to work worth. That number now fluxates between 20 and 30, depending on the season and students’ class loads.

Kevin Montez, playing the role of a teacher in “This Is a Test,” checks in with struggling student Allen, played by Andrew Tabit. Photo by Lillian O’Rorke

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Eastlake play takes on ‘risky’ topics for high school

November 17, 2011

Playing such a depressing and serious role in his first lead part in a play doesn’t seem to bother Daniel Kowalski, an Eastlake High School junior.

In fact, he appreciates the responsibility that comes with the task of portraying a bullied teen driven to commit mass murder at school.

“There’s really a lot of hate when you play this role. It’s different,” he said during rehearsal Nov. 8. “I didn’t realize how much responsibility went into getting this character.”

The cast for Eastlake's production of "Hello, Herman" stages a scene during rehearsal Nov. 8. Photo by Christopher Huber

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Eastlake Drama Club’s new play ‘makes you go awww’

November 9, 2010

Coordinating busy schedules with a double cast makes it difficult to prepare for a high school theater production, but the Eastlake Drama Club is ready for its fall play.
“More Than Meets the Eye” is set to open Nov. 18 at the Eastlake Theater.
The 10-character cast — with a full understudy cast — has been rehearsing three to four hours per night, five days per week since the end of September, said club member, junior James Litvak.

Stanley (Alexander Darling), right, talks about his dreams as an author with his wife, Christine (Sarah Eberhardt) in a scene from ‘More Than Meets the Eye.’ Photo by Christopher Huber

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