Sammamish Forum March 12

March 12, 2014

Don’t read into

Klahanie vote

So the vote is in and the majority ruled that there is to be no annexation for Klahanie to the city of Issaquah. It was democracy in action but certainly not a win by a landslide. Considering the population of Klahanie, the number of votes are rather embarrassing in my thinking. Read more

Sammamish must strive for competition in cable market

March 12, 2014

The deck is stacked pretty firmly against Sammamish (and localities in general) when it comes to negotiating better terms in a cable franchise agreement.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and the city must strive to find ways to allow for increased competition. Read more

City must follow through on Klahanie

March 5, 2014

Sammamish has promised Klahanie everything but the moon — actually, the moon may have been included somewhere — if residents there were to reject Issaquah and embrace Sammamish.

Now that Klahanie has done its part, it’s time for Sammamish to act. Read more

Sammamish Forum

March 5, 2014

The vote is no on

annexation to Issaquah

This past fall, both Sammamish and Issaquah were meeting in council and talking to the community regarding their positions on annexation of the whole of the Klahanie Potential Annexation Area. The Issaquah City Council made a promise to release the potential annexation area to Sammamish if the annexation vote in February were no.

Well, the residents of the potential annexation area have voted, and the vote was no. The democratic process is complete. Read more

Death penalty overdue for reconsideration

February 26, 2014

More than five years ago, this newspaper called for the state legislature to revisit the value of Washington’s death penalty.

Last month, Gov. Jay Inslee opened the door to begin the overdue conversation by implementing a death-penalty moratorium while he is the state’s elected CEO. Read more

Sammamish Forum

February 26, 2014

Help fix the new

216 bus schedule

For those of you riding the afternoon MT 216, would you contact Metro and request a change in schedule. Read more

Parents of dead newborn had other options

February 19, 2014

Last week’s news of the discovery of a dead newborn baby in the woods just off a heavily-traveled road in North Bend caught everyone’s attention. It’s just so sad. It didn’t have to end this way.

It is still uncertain whether the baby was already dead when it was left about 10 feet from the road and discovered by a passerby. The umbilical cord was still attached to the infant. Read more

Sammamish Forum Feb. 19

February 19, 2014

Y donate

Over the next few weeks, dozens of volunteers from the Sammamish Family Y will be out canvasing the community seeking contributions to support their Annual Campaign. The goal this year is to raise $66,000 to support financial assistance and scholarships, and to subsidize youth, teen, family and senior programs for those in our community who need extra help or access to specific Y programs. Read more

A dozen ways to thank the Seahawks

February 13, 2014

Congratulations, Seahawks and Seahawks fans. The 43-8 Super Bowl win over Denver makes us proud to be Northwest residents.

And kudos to the Seahawks players, coaches and staff for the way they’ve embraced the 12th man concept – saying we fans are part of the team. Read more

Sammamish Forum Feb. 12

February 13, 2014

Watch your driving

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 8:03 a.m. on 244th Avenue, a woman in an SUV decided to ignore a school zone speed limit and flashing crosswalk lights. My 7-year-old son, on his way to school, came within inches of being killed as I watched. Read more

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