Letters to the Editor

September 30, 2014

Stop the negative campaigning and distortions

I am writing to call on Congressman Dave Reichert’s liberal opponent Jason Ritchie to stop the smear tactics. Following his campaign thus far, Ritchie has towed the party line and done little to differentiate himself from the partisan politicians in D.C. who are exactly what the American people are tired of.

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Letter to the Editor

September 16, 2014

Trail project is providing benefit to the community

I attended the meeting regarding the East Lake Sammamish Trail that several recent letter writers have referred to. Although the mayor may have come off as being abrupt when he admonished attendees to not wave flags at the meeting, he was trying to keep some decorum to the meeting.

Having flags waved by only people who approve of what is being said can be intimidating to others. Everyone was given his or her three minutes, and in at least one case, several more, to comment. Public comment went on for two hours until there were no more. Nobody’s First Amendment right was trampled that night.

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Letters to the editor

September 9, 2014

People have a right to their opinions

In this month’s city newsletter, I was surprised, as were my neighbors, that the mayor chose to use the “mayor’s message” as a rebuttal in his defense. We, the taxpayer’s, pay for that newsletter!

I was not able to attend the meeting where King County came out to explain why they are taking down so many trees along the Sammamish trail, but I talked to several people who attended the meeting. It is my understanding that many people that attended the meeting were all in agreement.

No one heard anyone booing and no one had the impression a “rally” was taking place. Instead, people simply wanted to show support for the speaker as has been done countless times in this city at various meetings where the issue is an important one.

It’s a First Amendment right, Mayor Vance! It’s when they’re contentious issues that the mayor and the council should want to hear from the citizens. I am deeply disappointed in the way the City Council meetings are being run under Mayor Tom Vance. I hope he chooses not to run next year!

Mari Short


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Sammamish Forum August 20

August 20, 2014

Reichert is on our side
I am writing in response to Amanda Strombom’s letter regarding gun control legislation. This past session, the Washington State Legislature unanimously passed, and the governor signed into law, HB 1840. This law gives courts the authority to require those under a restraining order that are deemed a risk to another’s physical safety to surrender any firearms and restricts them from obtaining a firearm during that period. This state level legislation is directly aimed at addressing the safety of survivors of abusive relationships and domestic violence. I commend our state legislators for their support of this bill. Read more

Sammamish Forum August 13

August 13, 2014

Mayor misses the mark
In an attempt to save face in his op-ed last week regarding justification for his demeanor at a recent city council meeting, Mayor Tom Vance was too self-aggrandizing.
He never addressed the issue; that he was impulsive, improper, and overbearing to Sammamish citizens who were greatly concerned about an issue the mayor and the city were willing to overlook in hopes of maintaining a political position with a senior branch of government. Read more

Sammamish Forum

July 31, 2014

Evergreen CEO raise
is too much
I was angered and disheartened to see that nothing has changed since I left my job as a diet clerk at Evergreen Hospital four years ago. Read more

Sammamish Forum July 23

July 23, 2014

Mayor on a power trip
I have been greatly concerned with the attitude of our mayor towards citizens lately.
As I’ve watched two recent City Council meetings and study sessions on TV, Mayor Tom Vance has been either dismissive or hostile towards citizen participation in the process. Read more

Sammamish Forum July 9

July 9, 2014

Stop prosecuting medical marijuana patients
Our country is home to the world’s largest population of prisoners; some of those prisoners are ill and serving time for medical marijuana (cannabis) related charges, despite being in compliance with state law.
The Obama Administration has repeatedly claimed that it’s not targeting individual patients. However, the U.S. Department of Justice has spent more than $3 million to prosecute Eastern Washington resident Larry Harvey and four other state-authorized medical cannabis patients, known as the “Kettle Falls 5.”
Seattle native and New York Times columnist Timothy Egan puts it this way: “If Larry Harvey, at the age of 70, with his gout and high blood pressure and bum knee, gets the mandatory 10-year term, he’s likely to die in prison, certainly not the last casualty of the assault on our citizens known as the War on Drugs. For him, freedom is just another word his congresswoman likes to throw around on the Fourth of July.”
Congress has the opportunity to put end to this unjust federal interference. Sen. Rand Paul’s (K-Ky.) and Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-N.J.) medical marijuana amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill would end the funding that is currently used to arrest, raid and prosecute legitimate patients and care providers.
The U.S. House of Representatives already took a first step toward justice when it passed the amendment, 219-189 on May 30. Now it’s time for the Senate to take a stand and vote in favor of the Paul-Booker amendment and end to the war on patients.

Mitzi Vaughn

Sammamish Forum July 2

July 2, 2014

Use minimal regulations for Tent City
I’d like to thank the Sammamish Review staff for their thoughtful editorial in the June 11 issue commenting on the pending ordinance regarding homeless encampments within the city of Sammamish. Read more

Sammamish Forum June 18

June 18, 2014

Recycling means more than cardboard
Earlier this week I–a plateau resident for 30+ years–drove along 218th Avenue Northeast and noticed a gigantic steam shovel in what used to be a yard.  Read more

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