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July 31, 2014

By Administrator

Evergreen CEO raise
is too much
I was angered and disheartened to see that nothing has changed since I left my job as a diet clerk at Evergreen Hospital four years ago.
They still strip the support staff to the bone, give them the blame when patients complain, and then to add insult to injury, give them just a penny more per the precious few dollars they earn.
The excuse is always the same. There’s never enough money in the budget, except when it comes to the CEO. I was once asked by a patient how much money my smile was costing him. I’m sure it would have shocked him to know how little it did compared to a guy he never saw who was undoubtedly smiling all the way to the bank.
I wish somebody on the hospital’s board of directors would have the courage to say enough is enough. When will the outrageous upward spiral of CEO compensation end? As someone who lives in the hospital district, why am I being forced to pay into this ridiculous situation? I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they created the district in the first place.
Wake up to reality, Evergreen. Show your support staff that you value them, so that you will stop losing your best and most experienced employees. They want to provide the best care that your patients deserve. Show us that you respect your employees, and in turn, your patients.

Lisa Christison

Mayor goes too far
Warwick Holder’s letter in the July 23 Sammamish Review about Mayor Tom Vance’s “power trip” is nothing new to those of us who have worked with Vance.
I served on the Planning Commission with him when he was chairman in 2009. Vance routinely failed to reach out to commissioners, failed to build consensus, failed to keep us informed and failed to build a cohesive unit.
The commission, by the end of 2009, was so dysfunctional that we couldn’t agree on reappointing Vance as chairman for 2010, and this decision had to be put over to a time when new members who didn’t have the history were appointed. One commissioner submitted his resignation over the dysfunction, only to be talked out of going through with it by staff.
Vance was elected to the council three years ago, having faced an opponent who was so bad that this was truly “the best bad choice” that could be made. Vance immediately wanted to become mayor, or failing that, deputy mayor, an arrogant goal.
Vance’s term extends to 2015. Let’s hope that will be all.

Scott Hamilton

Support for Hill
In the race for 45th District senator, the best decision for voters is to re-elect Andy Hill.
State Sen. Andy Hill stands for education. He led the crafting of a budget that put $1 billion into public education – the most in recent history — without raising taxes. Furthermore, this budget also held the line on in-state college tuition for the first time in 30 years. Our students – our future – need this kind of leadership. Those who claim that bipartisanship is dead should know that Hill’s budget passed both houses with 89 percent of the vote in each chamber. It was because of this budget that Hill received endorsements from both Stand for Children and the League of Education Voters – organizations that might not otherwise be expected to support Republican candidates.
Hill crafted with Gov. Jay Inslee and State Auditor Troy Kelley the Vulnerable Individuals Priority (VIP) Act. This proposal ensures adequate funding into DSHS so that individuals with developmental disabilities can receive the help they need. This is a much-needed assistance to more than 4,000 individuals that need at-home care, and more than 1,000 individuals that need assistance in finding employment. Again, this resolution passed the House and Senate with broad bipartisan support.
Hill’s opponent, Matt Isenhower, offers little by comparison. He has a few talking points, though no experience to back them up.
His campaign tactic has been to throw mud at Hill, which is a disconcerting turnabout for a former registered Republican who opportunistically changed parties to run in this election.
If you want honest leadership with real results in Olympia, then make the right decision and re-elect Sen. Andy Hill.

Calvin Helker

GOP has lost its way
I note that the latest “hit” piece on the 45th District state senate race in effect says political candidates who may, in the past, have identified with the “mainstream” Republicans, have, since the “crazies” took over that party, found that to work for responsible, common sense politics, they should join the Democrats. True enough.

Carl Schwartz

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3 Responses to “Sammamish Forum”

  1. Mike Wilson on July 31st, 2014 6:23 pm

    Support for Hill?

    Why won’t Andy Hill address the Common Core curriculum and it’s evils? If he doesn’t KNOW what Common Core is, that’s bad. If he KNOWS what Common Core is, and accepts it, that’s bad.

    Andy Hill, it’s bad.

    Could it be that you’re ignoring the fact that the Gates Foundation is bankrolling Common Core, and stands to make untold billions on software and hardware?

    Andy Hill, come out and talk about Common Core. We dare you.

    Until you do, all your “work” for education means nothing.

    In a related story, Matt Isenhower is a joke. I love reading those big expensive mailers he’s sending out. What a clown. I’m sure he supports the Common Core curriculum.

  2. Calvin Helker on August 2nd, 2014 11:20 pm

    Carl, I see what you are trying to get at. Yes, I admit there are crazies in the Republican Party and I wish that were not true. However, Senator Hill is one of the moderates in the State Senate. He was one of only four Republicans that voted for same sex marriage. Furthermore, he supported the Real Hope/Dream Act when many of his Republican colleagues were against it. Yes, Matt Isenhower was a moderate Republican who decided to run as a Democrat just to run against Senator Hill. He doesn’t have experience to hold office and does he have plans set in stone? He does not. Why would a moderate Republican even join the Democrats? Many Democrats are extreme in their views as well. Isenhower claims he is a moderate, but he certainly is not. He wants to raise taxes and he now supports a $15.00/hr minimum wage when he originally did not. If he was socially moderate and fiscally conservative, I might give Isenhower a chance, but he has moved from the center to the left. A moderate Republican needs to stay in the middle not move to the left.

  3. Calvin Helker on August 3rd, 2014 10:53 pm

    Carl, I do agree that the Republican Party is having problems with extremism in its party leadership. However, you took my article out of context. The idea is to support Senator Hill. In fact, Senator Hill is a moderate/ His record defines this. First off Senator Hill was one of only four Republicans in the state Senate to support same sex marriage. Furthermore, Senator Hill went against party lines by supporting the Dream/Real Hope Act. He was only one of seven Republicans that supported it. Going against your own party to support certain policy is not extremism. It is pragmatism. Senator Hill has exemplified this. Look at Isenhower. He chose to run as a Democrat in order to run against a very popular and dedicated public servant. He is nothing but an opportunist. I would appreciate it if this article would be taken in the context of what it is actually about.

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