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June 11, 2014

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Parks regulations
go too far
First of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. Last I heard, opinions are just that, but they are not in the same category as morals. For Mayor Tom Vance to make the statement, he feels in voting for the law and regulation regarding restricting dogs and smokers in our parks, “ought to reflect our morals” – Just whose morals is he speaking of?
I have raised four children in seven different states before coming to Washington State, and never were dogs restricted and there usually were dedicated areas for those who smoked pipes, cigars or cigarettes. I have to agree with Councilwoman Nancy Whitten, Sammamish “does not need a Big Brother.” I can only speak for myself, but restricting dogs in the parks – that’s another unrealistic law. As far as maintenance is concerned, I have cleaned more duck and geese droppings off my shoes after being in the parks here, than dog droppings or cigarette butts. Should dogs be on a leash, or under the owner’s control? Yes.
Everyone in this community pays taxes, and those taxes are used in the support of the parks. Many of those taxpayer families have pets that the kids enjoy having with them to play. They are family members also.
I find it hard to understand how some communities have had no trouble in providing designated areas and pets allowed…and Sammamish seems to feel it’s not necessary to consider all community members.

Donna Martin

Leave water alone
Recently, 600 of the 3,250 Northeast Sammamish Water and Sewer District customers were polled regarding their views about the city’s potential takeover of the water district. The customers are well informed and overwhelmingly want to retain control of their multi-million dollar water assets — five wells of clean, abundant water at a very low cost. The district is managed by eight people, with three elected commissioners who believe in “local government that works…without taxes” and are committed to keeping the water pure. Customers agree the water district is presently well administered.
The city has approached the water district proposing a study asking, “Should the water districts be dissolved?” This study asks a biased question. The study should ask, “what added benefit would city control give to the customers?” The city states it would remove one layer administration; however district control is more responsive to the customers than city government can be. City control would allow the city to include overhead costs in the rate base and the ability to add a utility tax in the future.
In the blog “Sammamish Comment” the author noted that the city of Sammamish has plans for more than $100 million in capital expenditures in the foreseeable future, including the community center, road improvements and annexing Klahanie. The city should focus its efforts, time and money on those, and leave the Northeast Sammamish Water and Sewer District to do what it is doing so efficiently—provide low cost, award winning water.

Wayne DeMeester
NE Sammamish Citizens for clean water

Thanks to all who helped Kiki get home
On June 1, our dachshund Kiki bolted from a friend’s house. We spent the day searching for her near Inglewood Hill. By 10 p.m., we were in despair — would she know to stay off the street, avoid predators, find food and water? We live in Issaquah, so it seemed Kiki’s chances of returning, or even surviving the night, were low.
We spent Monday putting up flyers, but failed to find her. Neighbors encouraged us, took flyers and said they’d help.
On Tuesday, my wife widened her search and distributed more flyers. People posted flyers in shop windows, and on bulletin boards/social networks. We were deeply touched by their friendly community spirit.
That afternoon, someone saw Kiki. She had survived two nights and was on the move! Soon, a lady reported she and her son chased a surprisingly fast dog. They drove me to where they lost her, but we searched until 10:30 to no avail.
Early Wednesday, we drove back to that field. Kiki dashed from under a tree. I sprinted after her, but she was faster. I began to panic, but eventually cornered her. She was dirty and terrified, but at last lowered her head and whimpered. I knew she remembered who she was.
The best thing about losing a dog is telling everyone you found it again. Other than raw paws and a slight fever, she was OK. As we took down flyers, people who knew she was lost rejoiced with us. Though Kiki had her license and a chip, it was our friends and neighbors who helped the most. I would love to know the names of the lady and her son who chased Kiki that day to thank them.
Our heartfelt thanks to everyone in Sammamish and Issaquah for helping bring Kiki home.

Barnabas Kendall

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4 Responses to “Sammamish Forum June 11”

  1. Cathy Adams on June 11th, 2014 9:28 pm

    I agree with everything Donna Martin wrote. What happened to the “Happiest City in America’? I was actually shocked at the Mayor’s stand on this! It goes against what I feel is part of what makes our city so family driven and family friendly. It actually makes me a little nervous about the direction of where our city could go under this leadership.

  2. kj doyle on June 13th, 2014 11:05 pm

    I lived in Europe for two years with my two terriers that came with me. I was allowed to take my dogs on city trams, on trains, cable cars and in restaurants. Locally in Ballard, dogs are allowed at the Sunday farmers market and everyone has an enjoyable time. My dogs are well socialized around people and other dogs because they do go out in public with me. I pick up after them and they do not bother anyone. The point is taking a dog out in public creates a better companion. It has been in my experience very few irresponsible dog owners live in our city.This new law voted on by a few people on the city council of 50,000 or so is ridiculous with no input of the citizens. So far after several weeks of this discussion, I have only seen one person in agreement of these new regulations. And he has said everyone in the parks knows him…well not me thankfully. I am so disgusted with this new law. I cannot take my dogs to the parks, that I have helped pay for?! I helped pay for that swimming pool for other families’ kids and I will not be joining due to the higher cost and because of more kids there than probably Gold’s Gym. So what has benefited me? I have paid taxes here since this city was founded before when it was Redmond. I have watched the city council continually make poor choices that benefit few. Even now the Sammamish Landing park is considered a success by the council yet they are willing to let people park on the busy street rather than to provide parking. Oh they will put in a lighted median…great that should keep park visitors from being hit. But wait…we will have a 30 million dollar swimming pool and no dogs allowed in public places of Sammamish..great.

  3. Frank Blau on June 16th, 2014 10:39 am

    For crying out loud people, get a grip. You CAN take your dog to the park. You just have to keep it on a leash (as per the law) and not let it tear up the shoreline (as per law). I’m not so certain I want dogs in restaurants, but I’ll leave that up to the public health department.

    No one is keeping your dog out of the parks or other public areas. There are just sensible regulations to allow EVERYONE to continue to enjoy the park… dog owners and non-dog owners alike. That’s what people living in a community do. We make compromises for the good of everyone. There is even a large off-leash area (that dog-owners demanded) for letting your pets run free and unencumbered by a leash.

    Have a great day, and we look forward to meeting your (leashed) dog on our travels through the parks!

    Frank Blau

  4. Letter to editor | Keep Our Water District Independent on July 20th, 2014 11:30 pm

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