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May 7, 2014

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Protect the water
We are Brownie Troop 40526. This year we are studying water. Clean water is important to all of us and the animals that share our world.
We call on all of our neighbors to join us as we strive to protect and conserve water. If we don’t, we won’t have clean water to use. Here are some simple ways you can help.

  • Take showers and make sure they are short!
  • Turn off the sink when you’re not using it, like while you are brushing your teeth.
  • Do not wash your car in your driveway where cleaning; chemicals can run down the street drains and into our water supply.
  • Fill water bottles half way.
  • Never pollute water.

We made and hung posters at our school, Margaret Mead Elementary, and spoke on the morning announcements to let the school know how important it is to protect and conserve water.
We timed our announcement to coincide with United Nations Water Day, which was celebrated March 21. If you would like more information about it, check out this website:
Thank you for doing your part to protect our water.

The members of Brownie Troop 40526

It’s discrimination
whatever you call it
It always amazes me how people can twist the words to justify what they feel while avoiding using the word discrimination. So, correct me if I am wrong. If we follow the rationalization of Ms. Marilyn Wilke, as a businessperson I should have the professional right not to comply with a customers request if I don’t agree with them personally.
I have a hair salon so if my religion doesn’t believe a woman should cut her hair, I should have the legal right to refuse to do so. If I don’t think a white person should marry a black person (this has already been done in our history, remember) I should be allowed to refuse my professional services.
Where does it stop? A thin person shouldn’t marry a fat person, an ugly person should marry a pretty person. I like this; how about stupid people not be allowed to marry anyone!
No matter how you try to justify this kind of thinking it is still called discrimination, it doesn’t matter how you word it, what religion you use to try to justify it, it is wrong.
As Americans we cannot use our freedom to discriminate against others or use religion as a self righteous means to discriminate and call it some thing else.
What are some heterosexuals so afraid of? Michael O’Connell you hit it right on.

Claudia (Wilke) Haunreiter

Stop development
I recently learned that more than 100 houses are going to be built in the pasture area next to Discovery Elementary on 228th Avenue.
With the sudden clear-cutting of trees next to the Park and Ride, the surge in development around here is obvious. The destruction of the trees should be the first concern. Trees improve our health, are part of the history of this area, and support the wildlife that lives here.
Another concern is road capacity. Drive on 228th at 7:00 a.m. or 5 p.m. to see the backlog of traffic. The road is now supposed to absorb more than 100 additional families coming on and off the road as the two new developments by Discovery Elementary and the Park and Ride are created? There has to be a point where the City Council, planning commission and citizens agree that “enough is enough.”
Do our elected officials realize that Skyline already has upwards of 2,000 students? Do they know that all of the plateau elementary schools have students in portables? Is it fair to the school district to have to keep creating new schools for us?
As any educator will attest, small class sizes and smaller schools create close-knit campus communities where students feel like they matter. Just like our small roads and streets, our schools cannot keep up.
I understand that we are a sought after community, but there are plenty of houses that are already built which are for sale. I know home owners have the right to sell to developers, but most of us want to limit our town’s size.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep some of our trees and wild land and creating some type of moratorium on development.
Yes, I get it that money always has to come into the picture, but do we really want a town that is crowded and over developed?
I know that many people are concerned.
Please write a letter and email your city officials if you feel the same way.

Denise Steele Darnell

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One Response to “Sammamish Forum May 7”

  1. Christina Afonso on August 18th, 2014 1:30 pm

    After searching on line to find why there was clear cutting going on by Discovery Elementary, I found out that of course, more homes were being built.
    I agree with Denise Steele Darnell that this is a wonderful town and we need to preserve some of the wild lands and trees. Having moved here from the East coast three years ago, I already see less and less wild, untouched land. Every week I notice the signs up informing of more development! Please lets try to curb it and retain the primary reason I love living here, the beautiful forests.
    Christina Afonso

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