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May 1, 2014

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The issue is different
In response to Michael O’Connell, The Washington florist case you mentioned is not about discrimination against homosexuals.
That particular business has happily served homosexuals over the years and has employed several gay people. However, the issue is whether individuals are required to use their professional services for a cause with which they personally disagree.
Just because someone is a homosexual (or a Christian or an African-American…) does not mean a businessperson is obligated to comply with all their requests.

Marilyn Wilke

Kids can make a
difference to the
Many people don’t realize that kids can make a difference in taking care of our environment. We have found that our Sunny Hills Elementary School students have been working hard to help our school and community be green.
Students at Sunny Hills have been hard at work helping on various Green Team committees, and educating students and staff about what it takes to be a green school through the King County Green Schools program.
The student Green Team has been working on several big projects. These projects have included creating a PowerPoint slideshow to educate students and staff about being green. Students have been making posters about recycling and energy conservation, and hanging them around the school campus.
Students also have been working in the cafeteria to monitor waste disposal.
It is important we keep our contamination rate low and help teach other students simple casino online rules, such as removing the straws from their juice boxes before recycling. Also, one of our goals is to help teach students to remove the wrappers from their food before placing food in the compost or garbage.
Further, students have given announcements over the intercom about recycling and energy conservation, and have performed songs in the lunchroom online bingo about how to be green.
Currently, Sunny Hills is maintaining a Level 1 status and working toward meeting the goals for Level 2, which is about energy conservation.
The student Green Team is encouraging everyone at Sunny Hills to be a green citizen, not only in our school, but in our community as well. That is the message we students at Sunny Hills are working hard to accomplish.

Augustine Tangas, Gavin Soleibe and Kaisa Sherwood
Fourth-grade Green Team

Taking good care of canine companions makes them less likely to bite
National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 18-24. It’s simple to protect ourselves and our loved ones from dog bites, by taking good care of our canine companions and taking action to help dogs that aren’t as fortunate.
Having our dogs spayed or neutered reduces aggression and territoriality that can lead to biting — that’s why unaltered dogs are three times more likely to bite.
Keeping our dogs indoors and treating them as members of the family will also reduce their likelihood of biting.
Dogs who are forced to live on chains are nearly three times more likely to attack, because they have no way of escaping perceived threats and they are often unsocialized.
If there are chained dogs in our neighborhoods, we can be their advocates (and make our communities safer) by politely encouraging their guardians to let them live indoors.
It’s also important to never leave animals and children unattended together. Both can be unpredictable, and even the most docile dog may bite if a child pulls the animal’s tail or startles a sleeping dog.
And if we witness or suspect that animals are being abused in our communities, reporting it immediately is crucial. Dogfighters and people using dogs as “guard dogs” often beat, starve and taunt dogs, which can make them aggressive — and more prone to biting.
For more ways to have a happy and healthy dog, visit

Lindsay Pollard-Post
The PETA Foundation

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One Response to “Sammamish Forum April 30”

  1. Frank Blau on May 1st, 2014 2:24 pm

    Actually Ms. Wilke, you are wrong. The idea that you have to comply with “all the requests” is just silly… no one is suggesting that. But what you can’t do is refuse service based solely on a large number of defined classes, sexual orientation AND race being just two of them.

    If you want a business license in Washington State, you have to abide by the regulations regarding discrimination.

    Yes, you are free to discriminate in your personal life, or your hobbies, but if you want to run a business, you cannot discriminate against people in protected classes.

    If you are thinking about starting a business in Washington State, you should first familiarize yourself with those regulations and decide if being a business owner in this state is something you can comply with. If you can’t, I would suggest your vocations remains personal or hobbies.

    A few sources for the laws on this include:

    There are also many Federal laws that as a business owner, you must comply with in regards to discrimination:

    While some of this is still being worked out by the judicial branch, it is clear that the trajectory is for more equal rights for all people in Washington State and the rest of the country.

    Frank Blau

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