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February 13, 2014

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Watch your driving

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 8:03 a.m. on 244th Avenue, a woman in an SUV decided to ignore a school zone speed limit and flashing crosswalk lights. My 7-year-old son, on his way to school, came within inches of being killed as I watched.

Unfortunately, this is common. Every time I walk my son to Rachel Carson Elementary, someone drives past us going over the speed limit. About one in three times, someone blows by us, not only speeding, but through a lit pedestrian crossing.

Do you really think that speeding through a school zone gets you off the plateau faster?

Further, will it matter if you are late to work when a child is laying dead under your car?


Mitzi Vaughn



City should leave

water districts alone

The city of Sammamish wants to takeover the Northeast Sammamish Water and Sewer District, which has the second best tasting drinking water in the entire United States. On Sept. 4, 2013, the City Council gave the city manager the authority to open “friendly discussions” about taking over the two water districts. In a non-friendly letter to city residents Jan. 8, the City Manager states that the city has the power to conduct a takeover of our water district without a vote.

As a 23-year customer of the district, I am totally opposed to the takeover of our district by the city. I am a retired Ph.D. environmental chemist with 24 years of experience in the analysis of organics in drinking water. If the city takes over the two water districts and to “find efficiencies” combines our well water with surface water, then EPA, where I worked, will require that our water be chlorinated.

Chlorination will produce many possible cancer-causing compounds such as chloroform, chlorinated nitromethane, chlorinated acetonitriles, chlorinated nitrosamines, and other chlorinated organics. Residents in our water district may find it necessary to either buy bottled water or to carbon filter their drinking water. And we would also be exposed to chlorinated organics every time we take a shower.

What concerns me is that the city has not passed a written resolution that the drinking water distribution system in the district will remain the same after a city takeover and that the city will never mix chlorinated surface water with our award winning non-chlorinated water.

What can we do to protect our drinking water? Residents of the district should email our council members and state that the council must pass a “No chlorination, no mixing of surface water resolution” before they exercise their power to conduct a hostile takeover of our Water District.

Citizens should also remind council members that we do have a vote. Citizens can vote out the current council. As a drinking water analysis chemist, I can assure Sammamish residents that this is a battle worth fighting for the sake of our children and our health.


Robert Melton




Why we should be thankful for Andy Hill

As the author of the budget for the state senate, Andy has added $1 billion to the budget for K-12 education.

This is the budget that 89 percent of our legislators adopted. Yes, 89 percent including the Democrat legislators. Every teacher and school age child in the state should be thankful.

He blocked the requested, (and consistently granted in the past)

tuition increases for secondary education. Every college student (and their parents) in the state should be thankful.

He balanced the budget without gimmicks or tax increases.

Every taxpayer in the state should be thankful.

He has set our state budget on a course to have a very well funded rainy day fund within a couple of years instead of being in constant danger of being broke.

We, all the people of Washington State, should be thankful that we have Andy Hill in the state senate.

As Chairman for the 45th Legislative District Republicans, I am biased.

However, there is no bias needed to recognize the simple reality of what Andy has done for the people of this state. No spin is needed when the facts speak for themselves.

The Democrat Party needs to have someone on the ballot and now they have their opponent to Andy. He is completely untested as a representative of the public. But why would anyone give up a proven leader who has so ably and successfully represented us? Voters need to take a look at the facts and they will quickly recognize that we all win with Andy Hill representing us.


Dale Fonk


The writer is chairman of the 45th District Republicans


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