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November 14, 2012

By Administrator

Why all the building?

When I moved to Sammamish six years ago, it was because of the quiet, the seclusion and the feeling of a neighborhood that didn’t have houses stacked one on top another. Well, all that has gone away. I now have constant noise from the construction of one after another house being built next to me. I understand a person’s right to buy a plot of land and build a house on it, no matter how ugly, ill conceived.

What I do have a problem with is the city allowing developers to purchase these properties, clear cut and subdivide them to the point that they barely have enough room to build these little doll house homes without going over the property line. The developers don’t care what our neighborhood looks like; they’re just after a quick buck.

What happened to the eco-BS that I hear about the city supposedly implementing, when at the same time they allow the clear cutting of every property around me to be replaced almost completely by impenetrable surfaces.

A simple question that I pose to the city and its planning department.

“How is it that I live in an R-4 zoning, yet you allow these divisions of plots and construction of new homes as if it were an R-8 zoning.”

An R-4 zone means four single family residential homes to be allowed per acre. That’s roughly one home per 11,000 square feet. Yet these homes are being built one right next to the other on 5,000 square foot plots. About twice as many homes are being allowed to be built than what they are zoned for!

City planning, please explain the “exception” to the zoning guidelines that you are following to me. Why not allow a factory or a condo complex to be built on my street too?

If you got the green, $ammamish will let you build anything. Anywhere!

I think I may be leaving my industrial little neighborhood soon. Hey! Maybe I should subdivide and make twice as much!


Francis Jaros


Donate to the schools

I am writing to encourage your readers and members of this community to make a donation to the All In For Kids Annual Fund Campaign. All in For Kids is the fall campaign (August-November) for the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

The foundation bridges the gap between what the state provides and the dollars necessary for our students to succeed. It provides funding for many programs, such as: iPads for students with special needs, mentoring one-on-one, and elementary science curriculum. Foundation staff members and their extensive volunteers are an intelligent, dedicated group who are passionate about excellence in education. I feel privileged to volunteer my time.

Please make a donation this fall. It’s the best investment we can make, ensuring our children obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for productive lives.


Ingrid Jarvis



Awards should

not change

The SAMMI Awards have decided to change their format for the awards ceremony, the article in the Oct. 31 Sammamish Review, states: “We don’t feel like people volunteering in the community should be in competition with each other.”

What? People who volunteer are competing with one another? I don’t think so!

I was nominated for a SAMMI in 2011 for my community involvement, specifically in the Sammamish Heritage Society. I can assure you my volunteering has nothing to do with competing. It has everything to do with the greater good of a community.

It was an honor to be nominated for a SAMMI, it didn’t matter if I won or lost, that was not relevant. What is relevant, is encouraging community spirit, volunteerism and honoring those who volunteer. As adults and youth one should be able to recognize and honor those who excel where they volunteer. If you aren’t a graceful “loser” at the SAMMIs then you are not volunteering for the greater good. The SAMMIs do honor volunteers; they certainly do not “pit them against each other.” It is not necessary to “give a trophy” to all volunteers, a volunteer shouldn’t be looking for a trophy. It’s perfectly acceptable to honor someone who excels or stands out.


Helen Baxter



Let’s build it

Although I will miss swimming in the warm water of the small City Church/Sammamish Family YMCA pool, I look forward to a community/aquatic center that will offer greater flexibility in the time of day that I can swim and will provide workout space that both my husband and I will enjoy.

We have lived in the same little house on the Sammamish Plateau for 20 years and have waited a very long time for this facility. We toured the athletic clubs owned by Mr. Oskoui several years ago and chose to join the Y instead because we felt that our dollars were best served supporting a facility that is open to use by all members of the community, even those who can’t afford to participate, especially the children and seniors.

Mr. Oskoui’s athletic clubs offer an exclusivity and luxury to their member that is not offered by the Y. His members are likely to continue to prefer their experience in his clubs and his business will continue to flourish in spite of the community/aquatic center just as athletic clubs near other Y’s have done. I encourage the Sammamish City Council members to move forward with plans for the community/aquatic center.

And, in response to John Curley’s letter to the editor Oct. 24, 2012, I’ve lived here long enough to see washed out roadway repaired, sidewalks slowly installed over time in areas that have needed them, and businesses come and go for a variety of reasons. I realize the community/aquatic center is not free. I have contributed to the funds that will pay for it, and all of the other infrastructure that the city will continue to fund over time, such as roads, sidewalks, etc. Now is the time to build a community/aquatic center.


Kim Bledsoe


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One Response to “Sammamish Forum Nov. 14”

  1. George christman on February 7th, 2013 3:20 pm

    If city really wanted to help out with ace hardware they could move boys club to city hall even have it part of new YMCA project theres never anybody there in old library turned youth center anyway and put ace in that spot surely youth center would be better suited by city hall skatepark is there its just a natural fit and ace would be sorely missed if they leave get it done city council and mayor do what your residents want or maybe we need to remember when we vote next time what you folks couldn’t or wouldn’t listen !

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